• €69,44

 MFQ Global’s No Excuses Online: Transformation Camp has arrived! With an established history of success within our face to face classes, No Excuses Online is now available to Queens globally from many walks of life! Our first focus will be our 12-week Transformation Camp, which is designed to yield extraordinary outcomes for those seriously determined to make progressive strides towards their Fitness Goals.


Online Standard Package 1: £60 monthly for 3 months minimum 

 What is included?

  • 3 x 30 minute pre-recorded workouts online weekly - Targeting Fat Burn & Hourglass Sculpt 


  • IM Accountability check ins (via Instant Messaging) will take place at the end of each week


  • No Excuses clients will be expected to send through their workout receipts, videos, tracking on their watches and progress pictures. Feedback from MsFitQueen will be sent to you within 48 hours. 


Would you like a bit more help? Let’s dig deeper into your Goals

  • ADD ON: For just £20 extra per month, you can upgrade your Instant Message check in to a 20 minute weekly Video check in with MsFitQueen. This will be a great opportunity to discuss your weekly progress in more detail, gain more specific advice for your personal goals and review your nutrition for the week ahead. 
  • ADD ON: Are you in need of more workouts and want to train weekly with MsFitQueen online? If so, then for an extra £25 per month you can upgrade to a Live Online No Excuses class which will be held for 45 minutes per week. The Exact time is TBA. At present, the potential times will be on a Wednesday or Saturday AM  

 Please note that 'ADD ON' services are an additional charge which will be included alongside the standard service. 

Is No Excuses Online right for me?

This program is perfect for all Goal Chasers that are constantly on the go but still want to make time for their 2023 Fitness Transformation. 

Being busy is very understandable. It may be because of work, parenthood, juggling a super social lifestyle, frequent travelling or living abroad etc. 

However, your goals are still attainable! You just need a gentle push in the right direction and I will be your Accountability Partner throughout this journey, No Excuses! 

If you have any questions, please email and let's attack your 2023 Fitness Goals! 

Please note that by committing to this service, you are agreeing to a 3 month  minimum contract and this includes your payment fulfilment each month. You will be emailed to remind you just before each month. However, payment can be made beforehand by ordering x3 of your proposed package.