About MsFitQueen

I got into weight training properly after my dearly beloved sister passed away. She was my rock, my best friend, whom was more like a mother figure to me and I was left with a huge gaping hole in my heart when she suddenly passed.
The only real hope I had at the time, were her three sons whom I already had a special relationship with, and I later became their full-time career following the loss of their mother. This completely changed the orbit of my world and I wanted to be a better person for them, as well as leaving my mark in this world whilst doing what I love.
When I listen to Beyonce’s “I Was Here”, it reaffirms my purpose, resonates deep within and leaves me with Goosebumps because, that is my purpose. Fast forward a few years later, I am so blessed to be able to help Women (And Men) from all over the world discover their purpose, fall in love with exercise, specifically Weight training and HIIT Cardio with the aim to help them become the Best version of themselves.

About the Waist Snatcher

I am so happy to introduce to you, the MsFitQueen Waist Snatchers which can be worn both at work and play! This fitness and lifestyle Waist Snatcher will assist you in your journey to a tighter, flatter and more streamlined midsection.
As a Trainer, it is my duty to emphasise that the Waist Snatcher can be used to ASSIST, you in your fitness journey. How? By Helping you to sweat more in your mid-section, as you exercise in it or wear it throughout your day. Having said this, it cannot replace a balanced diet and frequent workout routine. So, just think of the Waist Snatcher as a little rocket that will go hand in hand with a solid fitness and diet regime.
Not only does the Waist Snatcher help you to sweat more in your midsection, but it also has light boning panels, which will give you back support during your workouts and maintain your posture as you work from home or chill out in bed with a movie.

What makes the MsFitQueen Waist Snatcher different from other Waist Trainers?

Unlike the latex trainers with hooks, bolts and zips, The MsFitQueen Waist Snatcher is easy to put on and does not dig into your sides, causing discomfort. It also is not as restrictive as other Trainers. The Waist Snatcher is made out of Neoprene material, with stretchy straps linked into Velcro which snatch and secure you.
Also, the material dries quickly, which means that after a vigorous sweat session, you can leave it to air dry and it will be ready for round two of snatching soon after.  If like me you have hypersensitive skin, I would highly recommend this Waist Snatcher for those that frequently have break outs whilst sweating. Of course, I am not dermatologist. However I have personally found that with a lot of previous trainers, my skin would react to the material as I sweat, leave me itchy and in sore rashes. I am yet to have such issue with the soft lining of this Waist Snatcher, which I am able to place directly on my skin or wear over a t-shirt.

In conclusion, The pros of the MsFitQueen Waist Snatcher Are:
  • More Sweat in your midsection
  • Assistance in losing inches
  • Comfort throughout your workout
  • Back support, thanks to the light yet effective boning
  • Improvement to your posture when worn overtime
WARNING: You May feel hella cute and sexy-er whilst getting snatched!! Join me alongside a whole load of Queens and Let’s Get Snatched Together xx