Waist Snatcher FAQ

How do I wash my Waist Snatcher?

The Snatcher is Hand Wash only. Alternatively, take a cloth in soapy water and wipe it down gently. You can also add antiseptic to your mixture to clean the neoprene areas. Please handle with care.

Drying my Waist Snatcher:

Please air dry your Snatcher and give it adequate time to completely dry out. We advise against putting your Snatcher on a heater or in a dryer. This may cause it to shrink and damage the delicate fabric.

How long until I see results?

This is variable from person to person. Consistency is key to wearing when wearing your Waist Snatcher and please remember that it is your ‘assistant’. Therefore, healthy eating and regular exercise are essential to enhancing your Snatched progress.

How long should I wear the Snatcher for?

The rule of thumb is to wear it throughout your workouts. Therefore, a minimum of 45 minutes a few times a week is fine. However, you may want to wear your Waist Snatcher for a few hours a day due to its other benefits. For example, a lot of Snatched Queens love it because of the back support it provides, how comfortable it feels, its capability of improving your posture etc. If you feel comfortable in it, there is no set duration for wearing your Waist Snatcher.

How do I know which size is right for me?

As mentioned on the size guide, going up by one size appears to work for most ladies. For example, if you wear a Small in clothes then a medium Waist Snatcher will give you enough room to keep pull the Waist Snatcher in as your waist eventually gets smaller. This is a rough size guide because, we have so many shapes and sizes which can fall into one dress size. Therefore, if you are completely uncertain, please feel free to contact @msfitqueenuk via a Direct Message on Instagram.

How do I know when it is time to go down a size in my Waist Snatcher?

If the Snatcher feels loose around your midsection, the straps meet entirely in the centre and you believe that there is more room to get Snatched. So far, several ladies who have used theirs consistently for 3+ months are finding that they are now able to go a size down. However, this will vary from Queen to Queen.

Will the Waist Snatcher help me to lose bodyfat?

No, the Waist Snatcher cannot claim to do such a thing! However, it can help you to sweat quite exceptionally in your midsection, it can alleviate bloating, it can help with your posture and core control. Also, it does provide back support thanks to the four boning panels on the back. Furthermore, it can help you to lose inches when tag teamed with a healthy nutritional plan and regular exercise.

I have had a C-section. Can I use the Waist Snatcher?

Please seek medical advice from your Doctor. If you have had the all clear to exercise, that is great. However, please consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use the Waist Snatcher?

Personally, I suffer from eczema and one thing I love about the Waist Snatcher is that I do not break out, have a reaction, or skin inflammation when wearing the Waist Snatcher for hours. The neoprene is gentle on the skin. However, this may be dependent of the individual. For this reason, if you have any major concerns, please consult your Doctor or Dermatologist.  

Should I wear the Waist Snatcher directly on my skin or over a T-Shirt?                   

Initially, when you are trying the Waist Snatcher on for the first time, please try it over a T-shirt in order to ensure that the fitting is accurate. Then, it is completely at your discretion.  You may find that you are more comfortable wearing your Waist Snatcher directly on your skin. Ultimately, it is best to wear it in the method which is most comfortable for you.

How do I know if my Snatcher is too Small?

You may not be able to strap up your Waist Snatcher and it will feel terribly uncomfortable. If this is your experience, then you most likely have to go one size up.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact @msfitqueenuk via Direct Message on Instagram xx